The Hunt – Chapter III: Fedir

This is a serial story told over many chapters. To see the first chapter click here. To see the previous chapter click here.

Kirill deftly snaked his way through the empty streets of his village like a hungry wolf following the wafting smells of an oblivious breakfast. It wouldn’t be long now. As he continued, the sun began its ascent across the purple smoke-filled sky, tinting the corners of buildings orange.

When he came to a small wooden house, Kirill stopped and shouted, “FEEE-DIIIIRRR!!” Not a sound. Even the birds were too cold to sing today. He shouted again, “Fedir, get up you lazy butt!”

Quiet shuffling of feet came from inside, and a disheveled blonde head peaked out between the flimsy shutters. “Kirill, is that you? What are you doing up this early?”

– I’m going into the forest to get the tiger. Do you want to come?

– ….

– Come on, it will be fun.

– My parents are out, babushka is sleeping, and you want me to help you hunt a tiger? I was going to watch cartoons today…

– Boy, Fedir, I didn’t know you were such a coward!

– A coward!? I come from a long line of fearsome warriors who kidnapped and ransomed Turkish sultans and Polish kings!

– You don’t even know what a sultan is.

– It’s a terrible green-eyed horned monster that eats fat little boys like you. My great-grandfather captured one with his bare hands!

– That’s great, Fedir, hurry up and get ready.

Fedir put on a red tunic, a pair of red baggy pants and a big white-fleece cap that kept falling over his eyes. He briefly knelt in front of an icon of St. Andrew before grabbing a short engraved sword which he hung at his side. Then he shimmied through a gap in the shutters and dropped to his feet next to Kirill. Grinning, he looked at Kirill’s spear.

– You’re lucky I’m so nice. You wouldn’t even kill a chipmunk with that.

Rolling his eyes, Kirill headed onward without responding. Fedir spit three times over his left shoulder and then ran to catch up with Kirill.

To see the next chapter click here. 

– Carlos de la Gringa



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