The Hunt – Chapter I: Kirill

Kirill pretended to be asleep as his mother kissed him on the cheek that morning and whispered that she would be back later. He remained as still as possible; after all, he couldn’t let her discover his plan! But the minute she closed the door to his room, Kirill sprung out of bed. His mom and the other adults of his village would be at the meeting all day long: this was his big chance.

He didn’t waste time. After throwing on a huge fur coat that he could barely see out of and packing his knapsack, Kirill hugged his stuffed bear, Luka, one last time and entered his mother’s room. Rummaging through her clothes, he finally found what he was looking for, a key. He pulled out an old dusty chest from under his mom’s bed and carefully opened it. His father’s hunting spear still lay inside.

Kirill solemnly took it and headed towards the kitchen. There was some elk meat left out from the previous night. He grabbed a handful and put it in his pocket. Then he climbed on top of the counters and crawled towards the window behind the sink. He groaned a little bit but still managed to pry it open enough to squeeze under and jump out the other side.

Picking himself up, Kirill shook off all the dirt and snow and started preparing a small fire. He took out the elk meat and split it in two, half of which he ate himself and half of which he threw into the recently kindled flames. As the smoke rose higher and higher, he thought to himself, “This is it!” Kirill looked up towards the sky, and the slightest grin appeared on his face. Here was the opportunity he had patiently waited for all these months. Here was his opportunity to finally capture and kill the tiger that had murdered his father.

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– Carlos de la Gringa



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