Ask the Master of the Extraordinary – An Annoyed Girlfriend

Dear Master of the Extraordinary,

How’s it going, honey? Staying out of trouble, I hope. I’m in need of your advice. You see I’m dating this wonderful guy, a real sweetheart. I think I might be falling in love with him. The only problem is he is super disorganized and can’t seem to show up on time for things to save his life. We say we are going to meet up for dinner at 6:00 and he doesn’t show until 7:15. By the time he arrives, I’ve already finished my dessert and an entire bottle of wine that I ordered for the two of us.

It’s terrible. We can’t go to movies or concerts. Black-tie dinners are out of the question. I held a surprise birthday party for him last year, and he was even late to that! It’s getting embarrassing. I care a lot about the guy but this is ridiculous. Is he going to show up halfway through our wedding ceremony too?

Thanks for the help.


An Annoyed Girlfriend


Dear Annoyed Girlfriend,

Honey!? Really? Do you have any idea how old I am? Old enough to be owed a little more respect than that. Seriously, kids these days…

So let’s see. Your boyfriend is a jumbled mess who has lost all semblance of punctuality if indeed he ever possessed it, and you certainly don’t have time for his nonsense. You’re a busy person with appointments to keep and deadlines to meet. It sounds to me like you don’t have time for your boyfriend at all. Dump the loser. But I love him! Don’t make me gag… If he really cared about you, he would find a way to show up on time for your sake.

However, if you truly cannot bear to live without him, there are always other lines of attack. For instance, you could set all the clocks in his house back an hour or two. Just don’t ever let him find out what time it really is. Another option is to angrily cry the next time your lying in bed together, “The only time you’re early to anything is when we’re having sex!” That should fix the problem in a jiffy.

Cordially yours,

The Master of the Extraordinary

If you too want advice about what to do with your loser boyfriend, write to

– The Master of the Extraordinary


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