Please, if you read this article…

Guys, I am stuck in my office. I was planning to drop everything and join Carlos for a long weekend at the beach and get away from the terrible weather here. I’ve been sick for six days with a runny nose ( I’ve gone through a million trees in tissues, blowing my nose), a sore throat (it’s been hurting like hell and is covered in disgusting green and yellow pustules) and a chough (I even quit smoking, and now I’m coughing out twenty years of swollen shit from my lungs). And what’s worse, I don’t even have a fever. But I don’t trust doctors. I don’t even know why I bothered going to a “professional” who charged me $50 just to tell me that I’ve got a common cold. “Thank you, Dr. House”.

I need that fresh sea breeze. I feel like I’m slowly dying up here. That’s why I planned this secret getaway in the first place. The only trouble with it being “secret” is: nobody knows that I’m stuck here in the office tonight trying to do extra work. The cleaning lady locked me inside and, right on schedule, she turned the heat off at 6:30 PM. Now I’m freezing my @$$ off. I wrote the Master of the Extraordinary an email but he won’t reply to me. I’m afraid he is mad after discovering my plan to leave Thursday night. Please, this is an SOS: if you can stop by my office and rescue me, please do! I’m afraid that with this cold and with no food or water my health will only deteriorate. The office address is ###################################, USA.

– Simone la Cuercha

Here we see the consequences of taking a day off without asking me. That’s right, it’s me, the Master of the Extraordinary. I published this article, with the address censored of course, only to show you what kind of people I have to work with. They are even willing to use Tales of Extraordinary Sanity to solve their own personal  problems. And don’t worry about Simone, he will survive for one night. He has all weekend to recover from his “cold” and work on getting his dignity back. As for Carlos and his little escapade to the beach, rest assured that there will be consequences. Justice once again shall be served.

– The Master of Extraordinary


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