Stuck at the Beach

So I guess I owe everybody an apology. I probably should have prepared some articles before I disappeared. But I didn’t. It was a last minute thing anyways. I just really needed a break. I hopped in a car and headed for the beach without telling anyone. Sorry.

It really is beautiful here. Lounging in the sand, staring at the waves, taking in the sun, a beer in one hand, a novel in the other. The good life! What do we need civilization for when we have this? This is how life is supposed to be lived, embracing nature in all it’s glory. No rules, no worries, and not a car in sight…. Well, except for mine.

Ok, I get it. I should know better. I’m a mature adult; I should have thought before I decided to drive straight out onto the beach. Or at least looked up the right tire pressure beforehand. But no, I have All-Wheel drive, I’ll be fine. What’s the worst that could happen?

Twenty minutes later and my wheels have dug huge cavernous holes in the ground, but the car itself isn’t going anywhere. I get out and start pushing. Come on car! You can do it! My car simply laughs and puffs out some exhaust. What about all those great times we’ve had together, all those late night trips on long lonely back roads? Or all the times I took you to the mechanic when you were feeling ill? Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Come on, help me out here!

So here I am, relaxing at the beach, trying to get as tan as my pale complexion will allow. Waiting for the tide to come and drag my car out to sea. Waiting for the tide to come and drag my wallet out to sea.

Maybe civilization isn’t so bad. Just please come tow my car already!

– Carlos de la Gringa


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