The iPhone Revolution

Yes, you’re right. Life has gotten awful lately. Let’s talk big picture. Look at all them, playing on their iPhones. There is something really wrong with this picture. What happened to that sense of community, what happened to those wonderful moments spent around a dinner table with the people we love, when a friend was more than just a notification to be confirmed on Facebook, but was somebody to invite over, so that he would meet the family, and the family would have something new to talk about, actual real life conversations? Where did it all go? And what’s taking its place? Zombies on their cell phones, impolite idiots who, even when they are surround by people, prefer to close themselves off in a virtual world, ignoring all that’s around them. It’s…

– Ring ring –

Excuse me a second. The Master of the Extraordinary just wrote me an email…

Carlos, Simone, you fucking idiots! You had better start publishing some articles and fast. Carlos, where the #*&$ are you? And you Simone! Turn on your *)!&%@#$*% iPhone. Speaking of which: they confirmed that  TES is compatible with the iPhone. Check it out and write something about it!

The Master of the Extraordinary


…So! As I was saying, who wants those awful, boring family dinners anyways? Those huge wastes of time, terrible moments in the lives of kids and grownups both. Let’s be sincere, look at those smart and brilliant guys. You know you want to be just like them. When we were kids, Christmas time was dreadfully boring, my friends and I used to call each other, and run to the nearest place where we could get together. Now we can organize everything on our mobile, sitting there, ignoring our dull, old-fashioned parents and family members. Thank you, technology! Thank you internet phone! Now we can be connected whenever we want, and ignore unpleasant outsiders 24/7.  But remember while your texting away, what could be better than reading another daily article of Tales of Extraordinary Sanity? Your favorite magazine, chasing after you through every possible virtual universe since March 2011!

– Simone la Cuercha


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