So What Exactly is TES?

…continued from This is not a blog.

“But then what are you guys trying to do, Mr. la Cuercha?”

You know… Tales of Extraordinary Sanity is a project that started in a smoky pub in upstate New York.

“But there are no smoky pubs in upstate New York…”

Hey, who’s telling the story here?! As I was saying, Mr. de la Gringa and I were in a smoky pub in the Communist Independent Republic of Upstate New York. It was about two months ago. After a (few) drink(s) we had the brilliant idea of starting a magazine. Since we’re lazy pieces of s**t, we needed a good motivation to keep writing on a regular basis. But how? With a daily magazine, of course! That’s why TES is published every day at 7:00pm – when we don’t lose completely the sense of time watching Spanish, Portuguese and Italian s**t on YouTube. But how is it possible to keep going with a daily publication? I have no idea. But by writing bullshit, with no shame, exactly as I am doing right now with this interview, we have managed to pull it off – so far – even if our imagination wants to divorce us. …she’s asking for the house and child custody.

TES is an honest reflection on those experiences that everybody is familiar with but is just too afraid to talk about, an experiment to push the boundaries of society further. Every article must be on the edge. Every article must be irreverent, aggressive, funny and honest. Why? Because we want to hit that really delicate point, the limit between being comical and being offensive – or just plain crazy. Because that’s where our readers are most ticklish!

– Simone la Cuercha



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