This is not a blog

Today we are going to conduct our first ever made-up interview here on Tales of Extraordinary Sanity with  writer: Simone la Cuercha. Enjoy!

What is Tales of Extraordinary Sanity? Almost a month has passed since launch day, the first day of spring, the second time that the Earth stood still – the first was when they decided to release that film adaptation of Blue Moon. Yes, you know what movie I’m talking about. But after two weeks nothing seems to have changed. 

We  are still here, prisoners to the same questions. Who are we? What are we doing? Is Simone’s English ever going to get better? Will we still focus on Carlos’ thirst for crazy erotic movies with animals and household appliances? Or will we learn to write about other topics? Does the Master of Extraordinary approve what we’re doing?  Is he watching us right now? And who is this guy, anyways? A man, a machine, a god? Where are we going with all of this? Why the name Tales of Extraordinary Sanity in the first place? These are all legitimate questions. But Lady Justice and I don’t get along very well, so we only have time for one question this time around:

“Mr la Cuercha, what is Tales of Extraordinary Sanity?”

Thanks for your question Johnny. Unfortunately I don’t really know how to answer it. But one thing is for sure. I can tell you what TES is not. TES is not a blog. I have always rejected the concept of blogging. I don’t doubt that it may have been a wonderful idea at the beginning of the naughts. But let’s have a look at what blogging really means nowadays: a lame imitation of the more sincere and honorable LiveJournal. Blogging in this day and age in a majority of cases means writing about the mundane bullshit of everyday life. It means obnoxiously promoting one’s “individuality”. The average blogger only uses this space to write  about things that 100 years ago would have been written in secret diaries. Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to read about about some random person’s personal life. We already have facebook for sticking our nose in other people’s business. This is exactly what TES is NOT. A space for blabbering on about the banalities of our irrelevant everyday little “adventures”.

“But then what are you guys trying to do, Mr la Cuercha?”

…to be continued.

– Simone la Cuercha



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