TES Artist of the week IV: Fred Buscaglione

She is beautiful. Tonight I’m seeing in black and white. I jump out of my favorite café to smoke a cigarette and she’s there, walking towards me on the pavement. My jaw drops. She notices but ignores me and keeps walking. As she passes under the street light between us, all I can see is this amazing chick in a red dress, swiftly moving like a gazelle on high heels. When she passes by, I notice her long legs and her short skirt. “Ehi piccola, dai non far la stupida, sai io sono volubile, se non mi baci perdi un’occasion”. [Hey baby, come on, don’t be stupid, you know that I could easily change my mind, if you don’t kiss me now, you’ll lose your chance!]

Well this is not one of Mike’s late night adventures. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you as TES’s fourth Artist of the Week, the most Italian, the most macho, the most misogynous, the one and only Fred Buscaglione!

As if he came out of a noir movie, Fred Buscaglione, an Italian singer, dedicated his entire career to performing Fox Trots and Charlestons, recording hits like “Eri Piccola Così” and “Che bambola”. Why, you may ask, did I pick him? Because Fred is more than just a clown trying to act like a Guido mobster, with a tuxedo, a thin mustache and an ever lit cigarette in his mouth. Fred Buscaglione also sings. He always sings about meeting beautiful women, but his true talent lies not in what he sings about, but how. He chooses the politically incorrect way to tell his stories, always from the macho point of view – the point of view of the man who arrogantly and slickly treats women like objects. He is a real throwback to figures like John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart. Definitely a blast from the past. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado: Fred Buscaglione!

– Simone la Cuercha


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