What the world needs now are new super-heroines

So apparently some of our readers were offended by some of the things we’ve written here at TES. A group called WTF (Women Thinking Freely) contacted us, threatening to sue if we don’t allow them to express their views on our site.  Since our lawyer is on vacation at Rikers Island, we decided to let the notorious sociologist Dr. Jane Smith write today’s article.

– The Master of the Extraordinary

In a world dominated by the Hollywood capitalist machine, a cosmogony of ridiculous macho divinities, chimerical fusions of Tarzans and savage arachnids, shares the sky with flying idiots in red cloaks, perverse John Wayne wannabes who fight against a supposed “communist menace”. Women don’t need a cosmos of blind oppressive defenders of justice chasing after buxom unscrupulous vampires that spend their nights on street corners.

I want to believe that somewhere, somehow, somebody special is waiting for the right moment to make their presence known. The feminist miracle won’t be silenced, and finally empowered wonder-women and super-ladies will appear flying in the sky in all their splendor. We women of the future need new role models, strong sculptured hardened women, immune to the tyranny of the lies of “romance” and “true love”. Women that know what they want and aren’t afraid to crush their immature and intellectually devoid oppressors in order to get it.

We don’t need losers who only complain about their dull ordinary lives and don’t give us the attention that we deserve. It’s time to say no! The age of super-women is upon us. Come on girls, let’s take flight!

– Dr. Jane Smith


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