A bit of nonsense in everyday life

I can’t resist, I can’t help it. I can read. And at the radio station I can read “Please keep door closed while broadcasting.” Strange… whatever.

But ten minutes later I am at the restroom washing my hands, and on the mirror there is a tag. And I can’t help it. I can read in awful handwriting. “If you read this, you ‘is’ a fag.” Wait… no! It’s under that one. “Every employee MUST wash his hands before to get back to work” and this time I stop and think. I have a flashback to a typical family Sunday lunch. I am a child and my grandfather is telling another war story – I’ve listened to these stories a thousand times before but I really like them. This is the part when he starts boxing with that German soldier on the beach. He is in Greece after his ship was sunk. The German tries to kill him. But I don’t hear the rest of the story, because my grandfather has stopped. He looks at me and he asks “Did you wash your hands?”

And that’s it. I am back to reality and I start to wonder. Do I really need to read these things? That I am a fag? I mean… that I need to wash my hands? There’s something really strange going on. But whatever. I read a magazine and see tobacco commercials every two pages. The cutest pin-up ever is holding a cigarette carton as if it were a bar of chocolate and her shining tongue on her upper sexy lip beckons me. I stop reading and I translate from the Cyrillic of my imported cigarettes “Smoking kills”. I have it on the tip of my tongue. It’s going to come out and I can’t stop it. I’d better drink something. But the lid says, “Attention chaud! Caution hot! ¡Precaucion caliente” and I can’t take it anymore. I try but I just can’t. With honesty, disappointment and recklessness, I scream, “Really?!? Boiling coffee is hot?!? COME ON, £$%#$&£#@ lawyers!!!”

– Simone la Cuercha


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