In Defense of Pornography

Don’t worry!  I know what you’re thinking.  First he defended Carnival and now he is defending pornography.  This Carlos character is up to no good!  He is an irresponsible deviant, who only wants to live a life of hedonistic pleasures without ever considering the consequences.  We need to lock him up before he gets out of control. Please, think of the children! (Seriously!? The little bastards look at more porn than I do!!!)

So, relax! In spite of its title, this article is going to be perfectly clean and wholesome – or at least relatively so.  For this is no fringe activity we are talking about here. In a made-up but probably accurate statistic, 90% of males 12 years of age and older admitted to looking at pornography with some regularity and the other 10% of males were lying.  In another study conducted by the same “institute”, 70% of women admitted to having looked at pornography at least once in their lifetime and the other 30% didn’t know what they were missing.

What’s more, by no means will I be advocating sexist and violent pornography that exploits and degrades the female body nor will I be encouraging you to go out and make a porno yourself (nobody wants to see a fat geeky dude with his shirt off!).  But after seeing the Master of the Extraordinary’s response to a reader’s question, I decided I had to jump to pornography’s defense.

The only thing I will be talking about today is economics, simple supply and demand.  For what is pornography if not the result of a larger demand for sex by males than that which females are willing to supply?  Or to be more precise, more men wanting to have sex than women willing to have sex with those particular men – women’s standards, after all, are a lot higher than men’s.   A male’s standards are so low in fact that we are willing to settle for a computer screen (which complains an awful lot less and doesn’t get emotionally attached) instead of another human being. Thus a new industry was born!

Carlos de la Gringa



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3 responses to “In Defense of Pornography

  1. Timneh

    Yes, dear. I know it’s not fair that there are more boys than girls. But yours is the weaker sex, when it comes to surviving birth,
    Or used to be. I knew this was going to be a problem when boys outnumbered girls in nursery school. Blame science. They created the glut.

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