TES Artist of the Week II

For the TES Artist of this week, I decided to pick one of my personal idols. I needed a break from talking about the realities of everyday life, sexual perversions, drugs – wait a sec, I’ve never said anything about drugs – and complaining about the government. In other words: talking about nothing.

For this week’s selection we’ve decided to pick a great comedian and satirist, a standup comic that never was afraid to tell his jokes, an actor that never was afraid to say his lines no matter whom he pissed off. A bastard that practiced the same life that he preached.

I first heard of him my sophomore year in college. One of my best friends, who was in love with the band Tool, yelled at me, “You’ve never heard of Bill Hicks?!?” and spammed me with YouTube links, which he pressured me to watch. My English at that time was a bad imitation of a language passing through a grater – yes, it was even worse back then – so I hardly understood what I was staring at. But finally I got my hands on a video with subtitles. And that’s when I finally met Bill Hicks.

My life since that moment has been exactly the same. But by listening to bad jokes about religion, the sexual preferences of the Pope, drug use and the Puritan side of America, I learned a lot. And not just about my sexual preferences. I learned that if you have something bad to say, something that will humiliate many people and will offend and disgust others – but it’s the truth –you don’t have to feel guilty for speaking up because you are being just.

“If the king is naked, the king is naked” Don’t waste time beating around the bush.

With no further ado, the least politically correct magazine ever, Tales of Extraordinary Sanity proudly presents our second artist of the week: Bill Hicks.

– Simone la Cuercha


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One response to “TES Artist of the Week II

  1. Alfonso Santiago

    Huge improvement over the first one!
    By the way, the article doesn’t state anywhere that this guy will make you fall off the chair while pissing your pants when you see his shows. He’s not only irreverent, smart and brave, he’s also fucking hilarious. That had to be said!

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