Break-in at TES

So I’m sure by now you all have heard about the raid on our offices by the FBI, CIA, IRS and PETA.  A small squad of ATF agents, wearing bullet-proof vests and carrying M72 LAWs entered our central offices around 5:38 this morning.  They did not accept our offer to sit and chat over a nice cup of hot coffee. Instead they immediately began ransacking our file cabinets and rummaging through stacks of empty bottles, gum wrappers, back issues of MAD Magazine, Carlos’ “XXXtra Fun with Animals” DVDs, Simone’s inflatable Zena Warrior Princess doll, Mike’s letter of “resignation” and the Master of the Extraordinary’s tawashi collection.  We don’t know what they were looking for and we can’t be sure of what they took.

However, we want to assure all of our readers here at Tales of Extraordinary Sanity that we have nothing to hide and are entirely innocent of all wrongdoing.  Furthermore, we have already contacted our lawyers about pressing charges for unlawful search and seizure.  Finally, we want all of our beloved fans to know that in spite of this overt attempt at political persecution, we will not back down and will continue to bring you the truth as long as blood still flows through our battered calloused fingers.

Happy April First!

– Carlos de la Gringa, Mike “the Tiger” MacNamara,

Simone la Cuercha, The Master of the Extraordinary


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One response to “Break-in at TES

  1. Keily D. Levy

    They came here too, dear. The bird will never be the same. Why would a parrot hide anything there? If you insist on being persecuted honey, please tell them to leave me out of it. I almost missed my soaps. I think they absconded with the sherry, too.

    Happy April 1 to you, too.

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