Crime and Punishment

Apparently the last piece that I wrote was too long – about four hundred characters too long to be precise. This time I must write something really short. I have been wondering for the last twenty four hours, “What can I write?” A thousand characters are not very many. Then I had a wonderful idea, “Why don’t I explain why I have to write only 1000 characters?”

And here we have one of the secrets of Tales of Extraordinary Sanity. Our daily publication must be shorter than two thousand characters, spaces included.

Why? Because we are lucky if you have even read this far. Nowadays, nobody has time to read. Even I don’t have time to read –although I apparently have plenty of time to write bullshit. A recent survey – that I am completely making up off the top of my head – reports that the average attention a guy pays to a girl is proportional to the size of her boobs. Likewise, a girl pays attention to a guy proportional to the amount of time that he spends in the gym. Well, (un)fortunately we have no boobs, and there is no hope that we are going to publish pictures of our perfectly-sculpted bodies. So here we are everyday, trying to steal your attention 2000 characters at a time.

– Simone La Cuercha


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