Crocodile tears for Japan

I’m just browsing through my favorite blogs. Indie forums, European newspapers, deviantArt, why not? But I get tired of something. I decide to go on Abduzeedo. Also there I have a strange sensation… and I start to wonder. What the fuck is all this Japan, “Support Japan”, “Japanese flags marked with blood” about?!? Are you fucking kidding me? There are people on a fucking island having the worst time in their life – if they still have one – and what does the global artistic community? They write and paint bullshit, using Japan as a pretext to show off how sensitive they are, and how sad they are for Japan!!! Well you know what motherfuckers!?!

I rather prefer to be disillusioned by the harsh realities of life and silently ponder on our unwelcoming world, instead of showing off how much I “really” care about strangers I never met and cry for them as if my closest relative died. Fucking ambulance chasers! Sciacalli di merda!

And better if I stop to write right here or I’ll risk to be like all of these “sensitive people”

– Simone La Cuercha


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