Genesis of Winter

1 On the eighth day the LORD decided that resting was actually really nice, thank you very much!

2 But there were so many things to do and so little time.  Could He really afford to take a break more than once a week?

3 Then He had a brilliant idea (which isn’t all that surprising, now is it?).

4 So the LORD said, Let there be less light.  And the LORD saw that it was good.

5 Then all the plants started shivering and their leaves began to fall off and the land everywhere turned an unsightly grayish brown.

6 So the LORD created snow to cover everything in a beautiful white, and He created wind to disperse the snow across the four corners of the globe (except for the Caribbean where He was resting in His beach house).

7 But the LORD grew tired of only seeing white all the time.  Indeed, it was a bit depressing.

8 So after three months had passed, He let there be more light again.

9 And the plants grew new leaves and all the animals emerged from their hollows and were very fruitful and multiplied (the poor horny critters had to make up for lost time).  And the Lord saw that it was good.

10 However, since the LORD had enjoyed those three months of rest so much, he decided to do it again every year.  And He called it winter.


That seems plausible, right?  Why else would somebody come up with such a miserable time of year?

PS If You are reading this, have I ever told You how much I like You and how much I admire Your wonderful sense of humor?  Also, can You make it stop snowing, please!?  I’m getting a little bit cold here…..

– Carlos de la Gringa


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