Glass or straw: the Survey

I lost a tooth. My left foot hurts. When three girls in yellow and black arrived – fucking “Kill Bill” fans, they didn’t even let me finish the question. “If we see you here again tomorrow, we’ll cut it off, you got me, funny guy?!?” One of them stomped on my belly 3 times – I still have the marks from those high heels and a bump on my head from where she hit me with my notebook.

That’s the last time I try to conduct a survey. But guys, seriously, aren’t you curious why men drink directly from the glass, while women prefer to suck it up with a straw? “Pervert, worm!” Two days later and I already wanted to quit. “But it’s completely anonymous…” “Prick, idiot! You asshole, you are disgusting!” And again, “Pervert, stay away from me”.

I even asked a tall hairy woman with a tattoo on her arm. Her name is Lulu.

“If you want honey, come with me upstairs and I’ll show you.” Really, what’s up with you people? It’s a normal question! And what’s all this nonsense and violence?!?

“Please, come upstairs…” “No, Lulu!”

And this is the final straw. I quit!

One hour later.

“I’m sorry, miss, can I ask you a question? We are trying to conduct a survey. It’s for my sociology class. Do you prefer to drink directly from the glass or with a straw?”

She winks at me, “I am sorry; I drink from the bottle,” and she leaves.

Gosh, I am in love.

– Simone la Cuercha



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2 responses to “Glass or straw: the Survey

  1. Alfonso Santiago

    Fiction or fact? Where’s the line?

  2. Always at paragraph eight. For other existential problems, keep reading, and “patientia!”

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